If you’ve been doing corporate events for a while now, you probably know the basic must-haves, but have you thought about adding corporate branded desserts to the mix?

In a sea of businesses clamouring for public attention, how can you make your company capture everyone’s interest? Branded desserts might just be the “secret sauce” you’re looking for.


What are Corporate Branded Desserts?

Corporate branded desserts are sweet treats such as cupcakes and cookies with your company logo or slogan printed on them.

Branded desserts have been around for years now, but they’ve recently become even more popular. Way back in 2015, Salesforce celebrated its 16th birthday at Melbourne World Tour with some cute blue cupcakes topped with the Salesforce logo. Various notable brands, including Sephora and Adobe, have also delighted their party guests with branded desserts in the past.


Why Have Branded Desserts for Your Next Company Event?

A party or event isn’t complete without desserts. They make the dining experience more pleasant and allows you to leave a lasting impression. But what makes branded desserts a particularly brilliant idea for your next corporate event?


Branded desserts are delicious

Who doesn’t love desserts, right? Even your clients who are following a diet won’t be able to resist a cupcake. Special occasions are an acceptable reason for a cheat day, anyway.

Our corporate branded desserts are made by adding delicious white chocolate discs with your company logo printed on them using edible ink. Your guests will enjoy them up to the last bite.


They help spread brand awareness.

We have at least one friend on Facebook who’s always posting photos of their food. People love sharing their meals, especially desserts on social media. This is especially true about Gen Zers.

Social media is where consumers find information about businesses these days. You can take advantage of this trend by adding your logo to your desserts in addition to making them IG-worthy. This will help you get the attention of 4.2 billion social media users around the world.


They help improve customer loyalty

Corporate gifts strengthen customer relationship with the business, according to a 2020 study by Packed with Purpose. Gifts, especially edible ones, are a great way to let people know that you care about them.


It’s free advertising

Businesses have been giving away promotional products since time immemorial. Everyday items such as coffee mugs and calendars with a company logo on them serve as free daily advertising. However, because they’ve been around for quite a long time, they are considered tacky by many. Some of these items are even left behind or ignored. But if it’s a lovely, tasty dessert, it surely will win the hearts and minds of whoever receives them.


Desserts make people happy

Remember when grandma bought you ice cream when you scraped your knee? Or when mom gave you a couple of chocolate Kisses as a reward for eating your vegetables? We associate desserts with happy memories. So why not make people associate your brand with positive thoughts by incorporating your company logo into your desserts?

Desserts with logo

Your corporate event will only be successful if you can delight all your guests’ senses. All aspects can make or break the event. The venue’s atmosphere and the entertainment are important to the guests’ overall experience. But above all, food plays a major role in events and celebrations.

That’s why if you want to wow your guests, it’s best to take extra care when choosing what food to serve. It should delight all senses. And there’s no better way to do that than by giving your guests some branded desserts. They not only taste good, look great, and smell lovely; they also make a memorable marketing tool.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to customise the desserts for your next event.