A reliable corporate catering company (hey, that’s us) is one of the most important ingredients that will make your next corporate event a sure hit. But there are many other details to manage and consider including the venue, the equipment, and the theme.

Let’s talk about each of these elements so that you’ll be able to come up with a phenomenal signature event rather than a lacklustre occasion.


Find the right venue

When researching venue options, you’ll need to consider the features including the size, layout, and parking availability. Lucky for you, most venues now have websites where you can get relevant information including their capacity and list of amenities. You’ll most likely find a photo gallery or you can check their social media accounts before you send a request for proposal (RFP).


Pick a special theme

The very first thing you might need to decide on is the theme for your event. It will set the tone for every other detail from food to decor and entertainment.

Brainstorm some ideas with your team.
Can’t decide on a theme? A quick Google search might help. For instance, searching for “corporate event themes” yields 117,000,000 results! Imagine that. So many themes to choose from. If you wish to narrow down the results, make it specific. For example, if your company is in the tech space, try searching for “tech conference themes.”
Once you’ve picked your theme, work with your team, the corporate catering company, the speakers, the venue, and the entertainer to make sure you incorporate the theme in all the areas of your event.


Make your brand shine

Picking a unique theme may add freshness to every event that you throw, but incorporating your logo can make it an event to remember. Merchandise, giveaway items, and branded desserts display your unique identity. The increased exposure can result in top-of-mind awareness. Your guests will recall your brand when thinking of your niche just like people think of Apple when they think of mobile phones.


Never treat food as an afterthought

There’s a reason why corporate catering comes to mind each time you’re planning an event. Eating together promotes social bonding and strengthens relationships, according to a study by British anthropologist R.I.M. Dunbar‬.

Everyone loves a good meal, so, you can never go wrong if you put a lot of effort into picking the best corporate catering in Sydney for your special event. How do you make sure you pick the best?

  • Ask for references. Recommendations mean they’re able to provide excellent service and have served in a successful corporate event in the past. We’re always happy to share the kinds words we’ve received from previous clients or you can check them yourself via our Facebook and Google reviews.
  • Make sure they’re available at your required time. It’s always best to get in touch with us early during your event planning so that we can secure the date and time for you.
  • Meet the owner so that you can talk to them directly just in case a few things don’t go according to plan or some problems arise. We love working directly with everyone and Dan is always available to chat or answer any questions.
  • Are they friendly, on-time, and responsive? We are.

In the world of corporate events, the more planning you do, the smoother your event will be. Organising one involves making important decisions including picking the theme, the corporate caterer, the venue, the menu, and the entertainment.

Your goal should be to plan an event so well it delights the guests they will surely never want to miss the next. When your goals for the event have not only been met but exceeded, when tickets sell out in a flash, when guests keep coming back, and when it gets big you have to find a larger venue for the next one, you know you’re able to create a signature event. And that will reflect on your brand, making your business synonymous with “extraordinary.”