Canapes are a savoury one-or two-bite food, either hot or cold, often served with aperitifs or cocktails. It can be simple Vietnamese rice paper roll or more elaborate Salmon Ceviche in a cucumber cup.

Canapé is a French word, meaning couch, and in culinary terms, a canapé is a small piece of bread, toasted or plain, used as a base (a couch?) for a savoury garnish such as rare roast beef or smoked river trout. A roasted vegetable, polenta or pastry can also be used for the base, and a canapé may be hot or cold, simple or elaborate. Canapés are served as an appetizer, with drinks before a main meal.

Here’s our take. Canapés can provide a introduction for dinner with drinks. They can also be used where seated space is limited and the host wants an informal gathering. Canapes can form a complete meal replacement by simply increasing the quantity or with the addition of noodle boxes.

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