With the Christmas season upon us, it’s likely that you’ll attend a few parties and even host one or two yourself over the holidays. If you’ve never hosted a party yourself, however, it can quickly become overwhelming! Since there’s so much that needs to be organised when you’re the host, here’s our top tips on how to be a good party host with the minimum of stress.

First – Make a plan

Decide what type of party you’ll host. It could be a BBQ, finger food, buffet or sit-down meal. Then decide how many people you can invite and ask for RSVPs. You’ll also need to identify any dietary restrictions and then decide whether you’ll cater the party yourself or hire a catering company.

For a stress-free party, it’s always best if the host isn’t rushed off their feet preparing food and is free to enjoy the party with their guests. So a catering company is definitely worth considering, particularly if your guests have specific dietary needs.

Second – Set the right atmosphere

Music is always the best way to set the ambiance of a party. Your choice of music will depend on the reason for your party, time of day and your guest’s preferences. If you’re not sure what type of music they like, you can always ask for suggestions or just play a wide range of different genres.

Third – What to do with kids and pets?

If kids and pets will be at the party, you’ll need to keep all of them safe and entertained! Kids need suitable food (depending on their ages and parental preferences) and a few toys, games and other activities to keep them busy. If dogs will be at the party, then keeping them safely contained behind a locked gate might be advisable. It all depends on the guests and how well your dogs interact with other people in a confined space. They might love a party!

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