When you’re organising a large event there’s so much to do! Your list includes selecting the venue, choosing a theme, organising the entertainment, sending out invitations, following up with everyone and even engaging an interior designer who specialises in fabulous events. Phew! Then, of course, you need to organise the food! So when’s the best time to book your catering for a large event?

Well, you need to consider three factors

1. The Venue

Each venue has a maximum size for seated meals and buffet-type meals. This means that you need to match the type of food you need to the number of guests and the capacity of the venue. So book the venue first, then organise the catering to suit the event.

2. The season

The type of food that’s served at your event is best determined by considering the season. Fresh, seasonal foods are always cheaper and look fabulous when served at celebratory events and appear so much more professional as well! So the best time to book your catering for a large event is when you’ve organised the venue and you know the type of food you want to be served.

3. The budget

That’s not forgetting the budget! This is affected by the number of guests and whether you want a seated meal or a casual buffet, as well as the type of food and its seasonality. Some people like to wait until the date comes closer before booking a caterer because they’re hoping to get a better deal, but the best caterers are usually booked months in advance.

So our advice is to match the caterer to your venue, type and seasonality of the food and your budget, then book at least 6 months in advance. This way you’ve locked in your preferred caterer and can look forward to a spectacular event!

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