If you are hosting a party or managing a corporate event, you will need to organise a menu that tantalises the taste buds and makes your event memorable for all the right reasons. That’s where canapes come into the picture, because these tiny treats are a delight to the eye and a pleasure to behold!

Using canapes as a starter

For a sit down meal, you generally need more than one course and canapes provide a light but tasty start to your gastronomic menu. Available for a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements, they can be served while people are mingling and before being called to their main meal but can also be served when everyone is seated.

Canapes are the perfect finger food that tides everyone over until the main course and because they are so beautiful and intricate, they leave a lasting and memorable impression on your guests. They can also be the main event, because there are so many options, (even dessert canapes) that no-one will leave hungry!

Using canapes as the main event

For lovers of mingling at parties and corporate events (rather than sitting down to a plated meal), they are the ideal bite-sized option for socialising. They are colourful and attractive and with so many different options available, there is something for everyone. None of your guests will be disappointed when you serve canapes at your next party or corporate event!

DIY or professional catering?

For a small party, you may prefer to show-off your culinary skills by making a range of awesome canapes for your guests. However, there’s also the option of purchasing from a specialist catering company like us. So whether for a small party or large corporate event, canapes are the bite-sized treats that hit the spot!

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