Most of us run out of birthday gift ideas and end up giving gift vouchers instead (particularly for those hard to buy people). Gift vouchers allow people to select what they want instead of being faced with another regifting opportunity.

Then there’s cupcakes. Have you ever thought of cupcakes as the perfect birthday gift? These little gems of deliciousness offer an array of irresistible, scrumptious and mouth-watering possibilities!

Here are three reasons why cupcakes make the ideal birthday present.

1. There is a cupcake for everyone

Whatever your tastes, there is a cupcake for you! From a tangy lemon cupcake with citrus icing to a classic vanilla cupcake with butter icing or the gastronomic delight of a chocolate cupcake with a decadent caramel and chocolate topping, cupcakes offer the solution to your cravings. Why not gift them a selection of our fabulous cupcakes to enjoy, all to themselves!

2. They bring back memories

Most of us have happy memories of baking from our childhood. Not all of us are lucky enough to have memories of baking cupcakes, but the memories of baking in the kitchen as a child, surrounded by our family are to be treasured. Just think back to the last time you held one in your hand and the memories and feelings that came to mind. So when you give your friend, relative or colleague a box of scrumptious cupcakes for their birthday, you are also giving them a box of treasured memories.

3. They can be shared – if you dare!

Every cupcake is a little handful of heaven and what’s even better than one cupcake? Lots of cupcakes that can be shared with friends! Just take a box to a birthday party as a gift and it won’t just be the recipient’s eyes that will light up! Everyone will want to share in this gift!

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