Breakfast meetings are a great way to start the day with no excuses for being late! So why not organise event catering for your breakfast meetings and give everyone an early morning treat?

Tips for organising event catering for your breakfast meetings

Organising event catering for early morning meetings depends on the duration of the meeting. For example, if it’s going to last less than 2 hours, then you might prefer to have the breakfast laid out as attendees arrive so they can eat before the meeting commences.

On the other hand, if the meeting is expected to last longer than 2 hours, a light breakfast with tea, coffee and juices as they arrive will help get them settled. Then as your meeting reaches the halfway mark, you can offer additional breakfast items to wake everyone up!

Don’t forget to ask the attendees if they have any dietary requests, such as gluten-free or vegetarian. It’s also a good idea to offer finger food for shorter meetings rather than sit-down food as it’s quicker to eat and everyone can return to the meeting faster.

However, if the meeting is for a special event, you might want to organise a plated breakfast where everyone sits together in an informal setting. This type of breakfast catering is typically used when you want to make an impression on new clients, sponsors or business partners.

Scrumptious breakfasts with Cupcakes and Canapes

At Cupcakes and Canapes, we provide full-service catering for your early morning meeting. We have delicious hot and cold canapes (meat, seafood and vegetarian), as well as mouth-watering petit fours and scrumptious individual cakes.

For help deciding which of our delectable cupcakes and canapes are best for your early morning meeting, call us on 0420 252 000, send us an email or order online.