Paying for business catering when you’re on a limited budget often seems out of reach. Yet, you still need to present quality food at your next event, whether it’s a meet and greet, working lunch or product launch. So what’s the solution?

The key is to follow our four easy steps for making professional catering much more affordable on a limited budget.

1. Select simple menu items

The fewer ingredients and the easier the food is to prepare, the less the food will cost. So if you’re on a limited budget look for the least expensive options on the menu. They will still be tasty but won’t break the bank!

2. Buffets are much cheaper than set meals

A buffet allows the business catering company to bring in trays of food items and line them up on a serving table where the guests can select their food. There’s no staff needed for plating or serving the food and guests are much more inclined to take only what they need, saving you money.

3. Don’t order too much food

Many businesses overestimate how much food they need or add extra to their order because they don’t want to run out of food. This usually leads to food wastage and higher costs, so if you’re not sure how much food to order, simply ask your caterer for their advice.

4. Ask your caterer!

If you’re on a limited budget then your caterer will work with you to create a fabulous menu that’s affordable. They know all their costs and can steer you in the right direction quite easily. So keep all these tips in mind, but don’t make your final selections until you’ve had a chat with the catering company.

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